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Rabu, 9 November 2011

Thanks for human being... Say Alhamdulillah To Allah

Salam & hy to all..

So busy 'till dont have time to update...
How are you my readers? Hope you all having a good time..

I just want to share something about some web i found last 2 weeks, someone having his very tension time right now, seeking for being nice to his family, asking for why he was be treated like that..

I just saw the phase " Dont Just Blame Man". And i read it...
Somekind of "Someone..please read this..."

He wrote he was from a poor family, he is the 1st from 7 siblings, as the older one, he worked anything legal to feed his family.

And Alhamdulillah, he succsess make all his younger sibling step at University and become a good person. While he is only stay at home and company his parents. How kind is he..

After single for a while, his parents ask him to marry with some Kampung Girl ( Village girl in Malaysia means the good wife,obey, and will be loyal to her husband forever) InsyaAllah.. And this girl are wearing somekind of Jubah, Scarf, big scarf...He also a good man, loyal,obey and love his wife.

He married and get 3 daughter as Allah rezq. After 30years of their marriage, when his 2nd daughter came home and cry so loudly hugging him..This child was 20++ just went back from medical check-up.
he ask, why honey, why you cry? somwone hits or bullied you..
She said...daddy....
He ask more.. Honey, please, im your father, tell me what is going.. im courious..
She just said... daddy...daddy...daddy.... why we got different kind of blood? Why i dont have your DNA, why daddy, why?????

He stuck, he heart was jammed, he stop thinking for a while.. Just mourning and cry came out from his face, he knee become unballanced, everything become dark.

He ask his 1st and 3rd daughter to do a medical check-up, and after that, everything unveil.. the truth appear one by one...

His wife just pretend to be the good one, but when he gone, his wife became a liar..
Now, after 35 years, he still with his wife, he can divorce his wife because he want to protect his family name. But his daughter just call him for everything, their mom have nothing to do with them. He also didnt slept with his wife anymore, its for 10years... how kind of this man can stay.

He just say, please dont blame only Man, because i stay with this rubbish just to protect my daughter future.

Wa... so sad that story, i feel sorry for him, if i can replace his wife... i want it.. but im not a good girl, still have something to make movement.

For all my readers, you not a bad boy / bad girl.
Just sometime, you can share it with me or somebody you trust. Not everything will do a bad, but how we do it are bad..

Guy or girl, man or woman, please respect your partner when you still have them. Dont regret if they left you for others because Allah said, the good one will come if you good with yourself.

Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

1st meeting

salam & hy to all

today 1st time i have meeting with NSDC, wa..... they are so humble and funny, im so glad to be friend with them.
Like Mr Azian, he told me he want his workers work as sibling in his company, erm... i was thinking now im in sosial company, non-profit company, he just want his student make movement from their poor life. How kind...

Miss Nurul, Mr Harris and all the lecturer... also Mr Azian, thanks for everything, tomorrow ive to do my meeting minutes..

Readers... I break up with my bf... very sad, too sad... but hope Allah guide me, I need You in my life, O Allah, please...

so tough what im carrying.. so hurt when its has something to do with feeling, its make me cry when its so suffering...

Isnin, 10 Oktober 2011

Microsoft Office 2010

Salam & hy to all

Today my 1st time using microsoft office 2010. Quite easy ans simple.. but i dont know why i dont have any mood today, feel like i want to scream loud to the world...

Oh Allah, why i feel like this, something is not okay. Mr Azian, Miss Nurul N Mr Harris, is it about all of u? or just my feeling...
Oh Rabbi, please, give me the way, give me the chance to understand what the sign you giving. Please comfort my heart, please Allah..please...


Salam & hy to all

Thank to Allah for everything. My new officemate, Nurul. She's so nice and kind. Soft spoken, humble..

Something happen today, my friend just like sister to me named YATI, i called she Kak Yati, which kak means sister. She is my sister since im in primary school and definitely our homes is close by. So shock!!!

And than i met Arif Qusyairi. which is my ex-classmate. wa.... so many suprises here. its make me smile alone.hahahahaha

For Encik Azian, Thanks for accept me here. He's my bos, caring bos, just now she ask Nurul to take me lunch, but i've alot of breakfast at home this morning..Huh, im full.

For my ex-bos at SPCSB.. wait for me. tomorrow we'll meet up.

Oh Allah, Thanks for the happines, hope i wont forgot u forever. amin..

Ahad, 9 Oktober 2011

Enjoy The New Roof

salam & hy to all

this sunday really make me enjoy my life. today my nieghbour repair my poor roof. all my memory with my daddy also gone by the roof. suddenly i became sad..huhuhuhuhu

however, life must go on. i have to face all the things coz im the 1st from 3. Hope all the readers can manage ur life too. hehehheh

getting some nervous for tomorrow.. may Allah help me to make the way clear from any prob, amin.
happy monday n happy start working..

too many news in Malaysia.. bad news and good news.. hurm... let the good news give us some support to manage our life, and let the bad news warn us
dont do that

Why We Always Think Negative

Salam & hy to all

I feel so sorry for Mia Zara. (child actor in Malaysia) seems she too young to face the reality.
However, hope Allah give the best for us. Amin

Allah says : We will make u suffer with fatalities, starving and richness to see how many your faith towards Me.

p/s : Muhammad said : i left u with my sunnah n Al-Qurab to help you survive in the world

Yassin Terakhir (The Last Yassin)

The last Yassin at 105 channel (in Malaysia) teach me how the life going.
Sometime life is so beatiful, sometime... its hurting us.
Alhamdulillah i can manage my happiness.
In Islam we have Rukun Iman (the Faith Rule) which the 6th rule is Believe in Qadr (predestination). Its mean all the things happened / to be happen all is in Allah.
We do our planning and Allah have He owned plans. BUT Allah plans better than us.
But the forgiveness are the gorgeous grudge.

Wathc tv with my mom n My mom cooks fried beehun but when is nothing inside the beehun, my mom called it "fool beehun". hahahaha.

When i ask why call it like that... my mom said,"its nothing inside, so let call it fool" hahahahah..

so today i ate fool bihun while watching humanity's drama